Day 2: I’M HUNGRY!!!

Twenty-four hours have come and gone and I am still alive. This certainly isn’t a walk in the park folks. I am hungry, my body aches from my exercise yesterday, and I am flat out tired. I feel like I could sleep all day without a problem. At the end of the day yesterday, I told my wife I should not have committed to so much time. 30 days is going to be a long, long haul. After laying awake in  bed for what seemed like an eternity fighting in my head whether I wanted to go on, I finally fell asleep to wake to a new day…



Forget everything I was thinking last night. I have shed TWELVE pounds in just 24 hours! Holy smokes! I understand that it is mostly water weight but you have got to start somewhere. Me and juice have a date for the next 30 days with number one behind us. This is going to be epic!

What all did I do yesterday? Oh! I am glad I asked! Yesterday my diet consisted of 5 glasses of juice and one handful of natural, unsalted almonds. Here are the juices I drank:

Juice No. 1 – Apple, Grapefruit, Orange
Juice No. 2 – Apple, Orange, Carrot, Celery, Blackberry (VERY TASTY!)
Juice No. 3 – “Mean Green” Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Ginger
Juice No. 4 – “Mean Green” Again
Juice No. 5 – Tomato, Spinach, Celery, Carrot, Lemon (This was disgusting, but I choked it down anyway.)

There you have it, a full day of juicing. Like I said, I felt like garbage yesterday evening but I expected that since I am doing a 180-degree change in my diet. The detoxification process is going to be pretty significant.

I also did my three mile hike through town. The city I live in is super hilly and that didn’t bode well for my out-of-shape body but I pressed through and didn’t stop once. I intend to do the three miles every day eventually picking up the pace to a jog and eventually a run. I did feel the satisfying post exercise exhaustion that I remember from High School workouts. That was pretty cool to experience again. The exercise is going to be difficult to keep up but I know it will only aide in my experience.

Here I am, beginning Day Two. I am still hungry. I feel like my stomach is flat empty but I am going to press on. To think that I dropped TWELVE POUNDS in such a short amount of time is beyond encouraging. I can’t wait to see what juicing has in store for me next. JUICE ON!

5 thoughts on “Day 2: I’M HUNGRY!!!

  1. Great post and funny to boot!
    Maybe you might have started at 1 mile then worked up from there, 3 miles! Wow I do not know you but I am proud of you for doing this, congratulations all the way.

    For the one juice you do not like, maybe add in a slice of red/green pepper and some cellery, it might make the difference. I still remember my father making carrot juice it was horrid, then I put in a stick of celery and a slice of pepper, voila it was much nicer.

    When you feel hungry, can you not just drink some water sometimes is works for me, though I have not started the diet yet, will do so at the end of the weekend.
    Cheers and best wishes to you in this journey 🙂

  2. Hi
    jst wishing you all best for your reboot. I watched the programme and have decided to do the reboot myself , so I will be following your blog for inspiration .Best of luck Fiona in the UK

  3. Good luck man. As a former high school and college athlete (soccer and basketball as well), hitting 300 earlier this year was like a lightening bolt of feeling horrible about myself in addition to all the health problems cropping up. Randomly came across Fat Sick and Nearly Dead over the holidays and really want to give it a go. My juicer delivers tomorrow, so hoping I can stick to it. I’ll follow your blog for inspiration and the real facts of what to expect. Question…does the juice make you feel sick? I’ve seen reports of a lot of nausea at first, but does it make people run for the bathroom as well? Haven’t heard much about that and slightly worried about being sick and being able to be at work.

    • I have felt zero nausea so far. Just hunger but here now on Day 3, that even seems to be going away. Good luck on your juicing experience! I know you can do it, you just have to stick with it. Thank you for reading and your encouragement!

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