Day 4: I Have A Confession To Make

It is Day 4 and I have a confession to make about Day 3. You see… Oh man, this is difficult to come clean about. Alright, here it is – I went to McDonald’s yesterday…


Don’t worry though. It was just to return a Redbox movie. Watch Looper by the way, I recommend it. Great flick.

No, things are going  great! I am down to 301 lbs. Which is 14 lbs of weight loss in just over 3 days. Perhaps tomorrow, if I work hard enough today, I can be under 300? So far the most difficult thing has been cravings. Out of the blue I will think of the most tasty sounding junk food, restaurants that I want to visit. It is hard, that is for sure. I did do something very daring yesterday evening. I took wife, who is not juicing along with me, out to eat with some friends of ours and our kids. Naturally, we went to my most favorite place in town to eat. It smelled SOOOOOO good but I resisted. It was difficult but I happily sat at the table sipping on my Mean Green.

I don’t have a ton to say today other than that I feel quite a bit better after kicking up the amount of water that I am drinking yesterday. I know I need to get more exercise in and still nailing down exactly how I am going to go about that. I feel like I need to do some extreme workouts to get the results that I really want. We will see.

What Juice I Had Yesterday

Juice 1 – Apple (2) and Orange (2)
Juice 2 – Apple (1), Pear (1), Carrot (2), Celery (2), Blackberry (Handful)
Juice 3 – Mean Green
Juice 4 – Mean Green

I have completed 3 days so that means I am one-tenth done. I will keep on plugging away and keep on working toward even better results. JUICE ON!!!

5 thoughts on “Day 4: I Have A Confession To Make

  1. You are doing great, keep it up. I am starting tomorrow and will be following your journey everyday. I’m excited about starting, I’m feeling terrible health wise so anything has to better than how I’m feeling now.

  2. Have to admit it this blog was a very big push for me to start doing something about my health, Thank you for that! I am on day 2, and coming for encouragment every day!
    Good luck and keep writing the “recipes” :))


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