Day 5: Uh Oh!



Yep! You really do see what you see. I am waving the white flag of surrender. Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I wasn’t able to do all the exercise I wanted to because it was so wet and rainy outside, juicing just didn’t sound good, and I so badly wanted something to eat. I simply didn’t feel like myself even though my body felt good. I gave in…but not totally. I have decided to put in one (sensible) meal a day along with 2 or 3 juices.

I know what you are thinking and trust me, it took A LOT of battling to come to this point but 30 days was just too big of a hurdle for me. In hindsight, I should have started with 7 days and see if I could go longer. That is neither here nor there though and I am pressing on with this new plan.

Naturally, since I am slightly changing my eating plan, I will be slightly be changing how I do this blog. I am going to surely finish the thirty days solely on this eating/juicing plan so you will still see “Day 6, Day 7, etc.”. Also, in addition to the juice recipes that I have each day, I will be sharing some healthy meal options with you. Anywhere from the all natural options to fish, chicken, and the always scary *sound effect please* beef options.

So please, I hope you don’t hate me. I just broke down yesterday and needed to eat something. (If you are still wondering what I ate, it was a Lean Cuisine meal, so it wasn’t THAT bad…) I figure this is a better fit for me. Along with exercise, I will still see incredible results. Regardless, it is a far cry from the: two sausage biscuits for breakfast, leftover Chinese for lunch, and boxed TV dinner for supper that I was having. That isn’t even mentioning the 10:3o pm snacking where a bag of chips could suddenly disappear. I am happy with this new plan and I hope you are happy with it as well and I hope you continue to follow along.

What I Had For Juice Yesterday

Well this will be a short list. The only juice that I had yesterday was a single pomegranate. It was delicious by the way. I in addition to the “Lean Cuisine” that I ate, around lunch time, I had a salad that a friend shared. Take a look!

AAAA Salad


Arugula, Avocado, Asparagus, Almond – This has a citrus dressing and the asparagus can be eaten cooked or raw. Any greens will do but if you want to stick to the “A” theme and like a zesty punch go with Arugula. For the dressing, I simply juiced one orange and mixed it with a little olive oil. Alakazam! There you have it folks! A delicious, HEALTHY meal. It really is very tasty. Thank you to my friend Kathryn for the recipe and great picture! Hope everyone has a great day, JUICE ON!

13 thoughts on “Day 5: Uh Oh!

  1. Hey Andrew!

    Congratulations on all your achievements so far! Don’t feel bad about “crumbling”. Everyone is different and you know your mind, boy and soul best and they told you the plan was a little too tough for you at this time. You are adding healthy meals which is an option in any case so you’re good! You will still see incredible results and you can always try juice only at a later point, by which time your body will be used to it more.

    Reading what you used to consume, you are doing great. This is quite a journey 🙂

  2. Andrew I appreciate your honesty and am still rooting for you! Remember the juicing and reboot is supposed to be a personal experience based on preference. It sounds like you are still making great changes in your life even if you aren’t just juicing for your meals! Hang in there and keep blogging!

  3. There are so many different ways of healthy living and losing weight, juicing is just one way of getting there.

    No judgement for it not happening for you this time around! And that salad looks absolutely delicious by the way.

  4. hey there, I am a fellow rebooter living in Australia, I started a blog on here on the 5th Jan to loose weight and get healthier along with my hubby.

    We started out with the approach you have come to today of healthy solid food with juicing as well, hubby tends to have 2 healthy meals and 2 juices a day (he works 12 hour days in extreme heat and humidity so I knew juice only would not sustain his needs mentally as much as physically) and I have 3 juices one meal and we both have small snacks if needed, we pretty well set ourselves a 95% rule and we both have lost 3kg (about 6.6pound) in 9 days still. our theory is if we ‘ban’ foods we will fail if we are allowed to have anything we want we will choose not to have it or have less of it to keep our 95% rule happening.

    anyhow just wanted to encourage you to keep going and to not give up or use the word fail EVER, you haven’t failed you just redirected to a new style. You can do this and I will follow your posts to keep encouraging you to do so well, keep it up.

  5. Why did you think your readers would be offended? This is a hard thing to do, very hard. Sometimes we forget that we needed to learn to walk before we started to run! Then you find out, remember now, being in track and field that we needed to learn how to run different to even get to the finish line, then learn how to run to win. Kinda like this diet, me thinks!

    I am starting in a few days actually. Was going to start today, but am reading more info and getting more facts. I will be doing the juice and smoothie thing at the same time. Hopefully I will be cutting out all, every little bit of processed foods, that are actually so bad for us. When I get to the can’t handle it state, grab something raw and good, that’s my plan. The other day I broke down, did not eat any lunch since I forgot and went and grabbed a burger at around 4 pm or so. Well two hours later!!! wow.. not nice at all, leave it at that.

    A friend gave me a container of pre made veggie mix, for those times that I can not do the juice/smoothie. It is from Hallelujah Acres, tons of info on the site about Raw Diets, their stuff is dehydrated naturally. There are recipes and videos, so take care take your time and do as much as you can. I signed up for their online support program, though I have not started yet, need to get my ducks in a row first. This container, I can put in my van, pull over to the side of the road if needed and just make a meal or a snack, shake/smoothie/juice like, fast and easy so it is another option.

    The fact that you were brave enough to actually write this is proof you are honest enough to continue, modified O well, do it YOUR Way.. LOL since that is the slogans for a lot of the fat foods restaurants, have it your way! Being a MAN, we are brought up to be self sufficient and we do not need anything, especially things like pesky feelings. Well, share away you and then I will get all the support we need from others, cheers and good and healthy eating! Good and Healthy life.

  6. How is your journey coming along? Looks like you put forth a ton of effort in getting this blog together to encourage yourself and meet motivating people, so don’t stop now!!! You can do this! I am the pasta, butter, cheese, ice cream, rice and pork queen of the Midwest and if I can do this, so can you!! Keep up the great work. This is mental as much as physical. I’ve juiced twice a day with a salad for lunch for a week now and I feel great…oh and p.s. I’m alive!! 🙂 You did not fail, you just need some more introductory time into the program. Good Luck!!

  7. I was so looking forward to ur daily updates because I started the reboot one week ago. Don’t stop! Please let us know how ur going. I hope there is no problem?

  8. You’ve been a bit quiet. Come on you can do this, don’t give up just jump back in there and keep going, some juicing is better than no juicing. Looking forward to hearing from you again SOON.

    • Hi Andrew! I hope you are able to see from all of the comments that you have a lot of people out here pulling for you! Please let us hear how you are doing and as the other person commented some juicing is better than none! You can do this! 🙂

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