Day 5: Uh Oh!



Yep! You really do see what you see. I am waving the white flag of surrender. Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I wasn’t able to do all the exercise I wanted to because it was so wet and rainy outside, juicing just didn’t sound good, and I so badly wanted something to eat. I simply didn’t feel like myself even though my body felt good. I gave in…but not totally. I have decided to put in one (sensible) meal a day along with 2 or 3 juices.

I know what you are thinking and trust me, it took A LOT of battling to come to this point but 30 days was just too big of a hurdle for me. In hindsight, I should have started with 7 days and see if I could go longer. That is neither here nor there though and I am pressing on with this new plan.

Naturally, since I am slightly changing my eating plan, I will be slightly be changing how I do this blog. I am going to surely finish the thirty days solely on this eating/juicing plan so you will still see “Day 6, Day 7, etc.”. Also, in addition to the juice recipes that I have each day, I will be sharing some healthy meal options with you. Anywhere from the all natural options to fish, chicken, and the always scary *sound effect please* beef options.

So please, I hope you don’t hate me. I just broke down yesterday and needed to eat something. (If you are still wondering what I ate, it was a Lean Cuisine meal, so it wasn’t THAT bad…) I figure this is a better fit for me. Along with exercise, I will still see incredible results. Regardless, it is a far cry from the: two sausage biscuits for breakfast, leftover Chinese for lunch, and boxed TV dinner for supper that I was having. That isn’t even mentioning the 10:3o pm snacking where a bag of chips could suddenly disappear. I am happy with this new plan and I hope you are happy with it as well and I hope you continue to follow along.

What I Had For Juice Yesterday

Well this will be a short list. The only juice that I had yesterday was a single pomegranate. It was delicious by the way. I in addition to the “Lean Cuisine” that I ate, around lunch time, I had a salad that a friend shared. Take a look!

AAAA Salad


Arugula, Avocado, Asparagus, Almond – This has a citrus dressing and the asparagus can be eaten cooked or raw. Any greens will do but if you want to stick to the “A” theme and like a zesty punch go with Arugula. For the dressing, I simply juiced one orange and mixed it with a little olive oil. Alakazam! There you have it folks! A delicious, HEALTHY meal. It really is very tasty. Thank you to my friend Kathryn for the recipe and great picture! Hope everyone has a great day, JUICE ON!