And So It Begins

The day has come! Today is the day I begin my 30-Day Juicing Reboot. Needless to say, I am pumped. I spent the last two weeks researching, trying different juices, and all around preparing for this day and it is officially here. I woke up this morning and for my very first juice I spun out an apple, orange, grapefruit juice to kick off my fast.
First Juice

Of course it was tasty, glad you asked. Although, I warn you, watch out for those grapefruit. LOTS of juice and they sure can be sour sometimes.

Lets talk about goals. The obvious health related goal is going to be weight loss but there is no way of actually setting a goal with something like juicing. It is a “take what you get” sort of approach. So, I guess it will be just a see where I end up after 30 days. For those wondering, and I am sure that is next to everyone, I currently weigh 315 pounds at the beginning of my Juice Fast. A moment of honesty here, I know exactly how I got to be this heavy. It is simple. I flat out didn’t care about what I was putting into my body. There were times I almost treated it like a game. “Sure I can eat that massive plate of Mexican food!” or “Watch this! I am going to blow you away with how much I can eat!” I am done with that. Even though I had nothing to prove, I sure did a good job of proving it. I can flat out eat.

Next, how am I going to go about juicing? It is as simple as having 5 to 6 fresh juice drinks every day. General recommendation is starting with fruits in the morning and then working my way into veggies throughout the day. Specifically into leafy greens such as spinach and kale.

My additional goal goes along with any new diet regiment, exercise. I am committing to walking, jogging, or running 3 miles a day. In my mind, that sounds like a piece of cake. (NO ANDREW! Not cake! You can’t have that!) Okay, in my mind, that sounds like a piece of carrot. See, in high school I was a student athlete. It took a lot of work but I had no problem running a few miles, especially my Senior year. I played soccer and basketball. As a leader of the team as a Senior, I worked my tail off to be the best I could be as both an inspiration to my team as well as myself. It is time for me to focus that same passion in my life today. Not just for me but for my wife and two daughters. I will additionally be doing other simple exercises with my 3 miles, basic calisthenics, etc.

Here is the summary…

Start and Goals

Sharing this picture alone is a driving force for me to change. I can’t make this sort of thing public and not do everything I possibly can to change it. I am committed to change. I am committed to health. I am committed to juicing! JUICE ON!


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