Beet-ing Myself Up

As I prepare for January 7th, which seems to be approaching too quickly, I have been trying out different juices. Just now I made for lunch something I made up. There is always the apprehension of putting some more obscure veggies into juices that Americans don’t eat on a daily basis. Today i experimented with beets.


I have never really cared for beets. They were always that thing on the salad bar that I passed up. I am the type of guy to try things again every couple years to see if there is something more that I am missing and I might like now but beets always came up with a thumbs down afterward. Today however, things might have changed a bit. Here is the juice that I made:

2 Green Apples
2 Smaller Beets
1 Pear
3 Stalks Celery

The apples and pear added so much to the awkward flavored beets that this juice is very, very tasty. Not to mention, after some research I have realized how great beets are for you. Aside from beets being packed with essential nutrients, they are perfect for heart and blood health. They also fight cancer, specifically colon cancer.

Beets are going to be a regular during my Reboot. I am excited to try even more new fruits and veggies in the days to come as I prepare for my Juice Fast.

Click here for more Juice Recipes using beets. Or just make up your own like I did!