The Cost of Healthy Living

I have heard time and time again the past few days since deciding to go on the Juice Fast that produce is going to be “so expensive” and “you’re going to have to have so much produce on hand”. Well, that is sort of true. However, I believe I have a solution to combat what could be a very, very costly endeavor. A course of action is always appropriated when life change is on the line.


Here are my Produce Buying Guidelines:

MAKE A MENU —  There is NOTHING wrong with meal planning. I know it can be fun to be whimsical in your juice making; just throw a few fruits and veggies together that sound good at the time. The problem with that is you might be taking away from other juices you can make between now and the next time you hit up the market.
Take the time to sit down and **gasp** do the math to figure out how many of each specific fruit and vegetable you are going to need throughout the week. My diet will consist of 5 to 6 juices each day. That gives me a pretty solid idea of how much I am going to need per day. Just take the time. It is worth it to not be wasteful.

SET A BUDGET — I am pretty well set on $6 per day or what totals $180 for my entire 30 day Juice Fast. If I know I am going to the market every 10 days and plan to spend $60 each trip, I can plan better for what I am able to buy. Some days it will be a little higher and some days a little lower considering produce prices fluctuate so often. That is okay though. As long as you have a guideline, you are going to be much better off.
$180 for 30 days of eating may not exactly sound cheap but it is a lot better than eating fast food three or four times a week and a couple sit down dinners with the family at ten bucks a plate. I’ll take the juice.

DON’T BE WASTEFUL — Often when we eat our veggies and fruits there are parts that we cut off because we don’t like the skin or we might get seeds in our meal or something as obvious as cutting off the greens. None of that matters in juicing. There are valuable nutrients in every part of the fruits and veggies we juice. Greens are the most important thing to keep. Don’t throw them out!!! Just juice them right along with the rest of the fruit or veggie.

I am sure there are more ways to make sure juicing won’t hurt the wallet too badly but then again, I am still a newbie to Juice Nation. I will more than likely find more tips and tricks along the way that I will gladly share with you.

We are getting closer to my Reboot! Only three days to go! I hope you are as excited as I am.

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