A New Resolution

As I have grown older, I have discovered more and more of a need to live a healthier lifestyle. Over a year ago, I watched a documentary titled “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. At the time, I simply found Joe Cross’ journey fascinating. The way he was able to transform his life in such a short period of time was incredible. Since then I have realized that I need to do something myself to become a healthier person.

This Christmas, I asked my wife for a juicer just because I knew it would be fun to have not only for me but for the family. She came through. I received a Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain for Christmas. It makes some great juices. Once I realized what power I had with this awesome machine I watched the documentary again. I bought in.

Beginning on January 7th, 2013, I am committing myself to a 30-day Juice Fast, also referred to as a “Reboot”. During my Reboot, I will take in nothing but water and fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. This blog will be my documentation of my journey. I will journal how I feel, no matter how good or bad. I will share what exactly it is like to be on a all-juice diet. I will also share juicing recipes that I find as well as those that I make up myself.

I am very much looking forward to how this is going to change me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Plus seeing how my relationships change and grow. I welcome you to join me as I travel this road. JUICE ON!

One thought on “A New Resolution

  1. Do not deprive your body of intense protein during this JUICE ON. Use whey, incomplete proteins to formulate complete proteins, soy and other proteins while juicing. You must maintain muscle tone and not starve yourself. I have a lost a lot of weight in the past two years and I understand what happens to a body when it is starving. Protect yourself.

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